Convert to Text

Name: Convert to Text
Version: 1.02 (Released: Oct 26, 2020 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.11
Price:  Free
Download:  Login to download

Automatically extract text from uploaded files for easy keyword searching. Files types that can be converted to text include: pdf, doc, html, htm, ppt, ocx, pptx, xls, xlsx, ods


By having content from a variety of file types imported into CMS Builder and saved as plain text using the Convert to Text plugin that content can now be easily searchable.

Some example uses include a resume/job site where users upload their resumes. The resume files are scanned, saved as plain text and are now searchable by keywords.

Another example is any site that has PDFs of manuals or technical documents. Simply upload the file (pdf, doc, etc) and the content is now searchable by keyword. Users can now search by keyword find the PDF manual they are looking for and now view or download it.

Also convert existing uploads with one click to automatically scan all and save as plain text. Now all that content is keyword searchable.

Note: requires Java 7.0 which is available on most servers.

Key Features

  • Upload files types and have the contents automatically converted to text.
  • Text content is saved into a texbox and added to the database.
  • Great way for making content searchable.
  • Works with the nine most common file types: pdf, doc, html, htm, ppt, ocx, pptx, xls, xlsx, ods
  • Have existing uploads you want scanned and saves as plain text? No problem, just one click.