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Note: Many of these reviews were written before we had a free version. You can now download and use CMS Builder for free.

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"Well written, easy to implement software"

The purchase price of any software package is only the tip of an iceberg.

The real costs are hidden in the learning curve required to effectively implement a software package, and in time and effort required to solve the puzzles that inevitably come up along the way.

One look at the kinds of questions that were being asked on the Interactive Tools support forum, and at the quick, no nonsense answers that were offered by an extremely knowledgeable, patient and thorough staff, convinced me that CMS Builder would be well worth the investment.

I've been using CMS Builder for about 3 years and I continue to be pleasantly surprised (amazed) by Interactive Tools ongoing commitment to listening to their customers and responding to their needs.

Well written, easy to implement software, continuing improvement, excellent support. That's a winning combination.

I'm really glad that I discovered CMS Builder, and so are my clients.

Jerry Kornbluth
JK Web Designs and The CMSB Cookbook

"So easy to use, I didn't even have to train my client"

"This was the perfect solution for my client's site, as they needed to be able to update several separate sections of their site, which have different styles of content.

After CMS Builder had been set up on the site - with Interactive Tools's excellent help - I emailed the login details to the client. He started editing the site, even before I had explained how to use the system. It's that easy to us

I've already recommended and bought a copy for another client's site. I've used several products from Interactive Tools, and this is by far the best."

Nigel Gordijk

"Interactive Tools CMS Builder is just the program I have been looking for... allowing me to easily create new, user updatable websites in a fraction of the time (and budget) that it previously took. Not only that, but it comes from a company that I KNOW will support not only the program, but me also. If I need to ask a question, I am confident that I will get an answer that will solve the problem that I have.

In addition to the quality support, this program is extremely easy to learn, and quick to implement. You literally can have a CMS driven site up in minutes - And I believe I could build the next site in a matter of hours with this program.

Many of my clients have a limited website budget, and up to this point have not been able to afford a content management system. But, with the very reasonable cost of CMS Builder, I have at least five existing websites that will soon get a CMS, and I'm sure I will use it on nearly all sites I build in the future. It will save me so much build time on these sites that I can easily pay for the program without even increasing the budget!"

"First, let me say that CMS Builder is outstanding. It will become a standard with most of our websites now and we are figuring out new and interesting ways of using it every day. Our customers love it! We will be ordering a lot of it."

Kenny Haferkamp
Sagentic Web Design

"I had a play about with [CMS Builder] last night and it's what I have been looking for...for years. FANTASTIC. I'll be buying one copy and probably more. I'm very glad I signed up for your newsletter all those years ago. Because of the way it is written, I have always read it too. Thank you."

George Hudson
Hi-Tech Media Ltd.

"CMS Builder has many advantages over other content management systems I've used.

It's flexible enough to handle most any task. I can quickly integrate it into existing sites or create new ones from scratch in a fraction of the time it took before. My customers love it too! The end-user interface is clean and uncluttered. Very little training is required. Just a quick demo to give them an overview of the system and they're ready to go."

Darren Hester

"Finally, a powerful CMS that puts the site control back in the hands of the designer/developer.

This tool has a different approach from other, better known, CMS tools. Most of those require that you shoehorn their system into your site. CMS Builder starts with your layout and lets you add their bits to it... however you want."

Jayme Cousins

"Let me take this time to tell you how pleased I am in doing business with Interactive Tools. I have been purchasing your products for over the last two years on behalf of my clients, and really they have been great solutions with great support. Now I am looking at integrating CMS Builder into my own projects.

While I am not a PHP programmer by any stretch of the imagination, CMS Builder has allowed me to create a framework by where I can pretty well do any custom application (CMS, Photo Gallery, Business Listing, Classifieds, etc.) without the use of a programmer. That's a lot of power! And I really see CMS Builder as a framework for my web sites, not just a CMS.

Where I am especially pleased is the complete support your are providing for CMS Builder. Its one thing to answer questions, but to offer programming support and help above and beyond, is simply outstanding. I know its a lot of time and work for you, but thank you again."

Avrom Digance

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