Create PDF

Name: Create PDF
Version: 1.10 (Released: Apr 24, 2024 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.60
Price:  Free
Download:  Login to download

Build PDF's on the fly. With the easy-to-use developer functions, you can automate PDF generation from web pages, html code and even remote urls.


Create PDF makes it incredibly easy to create PDF files - without manually creating every PDF element.

You simply create a regular HTML page and add a single line of cut-and-paste code to the top to have it be displayed as a PDF.

Providing your content in PDFs is great for:
- Printer-friendly "info" sheets for your visitors
- Making it easy for a user to download and save your page to their computer for reference
- Creating PDF invoices and reports, or emailing content as PDF files
- And much more...

You can display PDFs 2 different ways:
- Inline: displayed in the browser window
- Attachment: send as a download to the browser to be locally saved

You can easily create PDFs 3 different ways with only a few short lines of code:

Just add this single line of code to the top of the page and the output will be converted and sent as a PDF instead of HTML:
<?php createPDF_fromOutput('inline', 'example.pdf'); ?>

You can also pass HTML code directly to create a custom PDF. Example code:
$html = '<h1>Hello World</h1>';
$data = createPDF_fromHTML($html);
createPDF_display('inline', $data, 'example.pdf');

Create PDF isn't limited to your own pages - just specify the URL and automatically create a PDF with it's contents:
$data = createPDF_fromUrl('';);
createPDF_display('inline', $data, 'example.pdf');

Please Note: This plugin requires some standard system libraries that are available (or can be installed on request) on most web hosts. This can be tested on install by clicking "Test Server Requirements". If your host is missing a required library please contact our senior programmer at