Name: Geocoder
Version: 1.11 (Released: Mar 13, 2023 - changelog)
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Requires:  CMS Builder v3.65
Price:  Free
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Automatically geocodes addresses in databases or form input, shows maps with single or multiple markers, and supports searching and sorting by distance. Uses the Google Maps API.


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This plugin allows you to display single or multiple addresses on a Google map, automatically geocode addresses in CMS and PHP forms, and create search forms that search and sort by distance (eg: show all results within 10 miles of my postal code).

The moment you install Geocoder it instantly creates a test database full of addresses and provides working demos of all the features complete with easy to copy source code.

Some of the things you can do right away are:
- Select an existing database table to geocode all the addresses as latitude and longitude, even if you have thousands of records
- Have latitude/longitude automatically calculated every time a user clicks save on a new or existing record in the CMS
- Create a search form to show results within a certain distance from the current user's postal code
- Sort results by distance and display distance on your page in either miles or kilometers
- Display a Google map with a single address marker on record detail pages
- Display a Google map with multiple address markers and popups that show more information or link to detail pages

If you've ever hand-coded Google Maps API code before you know it can take you many hours to do even one of these tasks. The Geocoder plugin reduces that time to just a few minutes. For basic users you can create a search form or map in almost no-time, and for more advanced users who want to further customize their Google maps output we provide an example code base that is easy to build on.

Please Note: This plugin uses V3 of the Google Maps API, which requires you display a map on your site to use it. For complete details on allowed usage, consult the Maps API Terms of Service License Restrictions here:

Key Features

  • Automatically geocode addresses in CMS editors on save
  • Automatically geocode addresses in _any_ PHP form on submit
  • Click a button to geocode pre-existing address databases or records
  • Built in "testing" address database lets you instantly demo all the features
  • Example code for doing searches by distance from entered or preset location
  • Example code for displaying single address on a Google map
  • Example code for displaying multiple addresses on a Google map with markers and popups
  • Supports both miles and kilometers

Customer Quotes

In just a couple of hours, I had the Geocoder installed and working on a meal delivery route application! Wow, I am blown away by the features this add-on provides to the application. I can think of at least a dozen more uses.
This is an incredibly powerful and useful plug-in that is so easy to install as part of CMS Builder. My clients have been very impressed with the added functionality that it gives to their sites.
Nigel Gordijk
Common Sense Design
Just installed geocoder now watched the Video. One word: wow. What a stupendously powerful plugin!
Rob Bathgate
RB Web Works