Name: Permalinks
Version: 1.12 (Released: Mar 18, 2024 - changelog)
Requires:  CMS Builder v3.65
Price:  Free
Download:  Login to download

Create SEO-optimized permalinks, user defined-custom URLS, or custom aliases for any page.


Imagine being able to create completely custom SEO optimized URLs for your content just as easily as you can edit a product name or article title, or automatically doing it for your users. The Permalinks plugin does just that. It gives you complete control of the web address for every bit of CMS content allowing you to decide exactly what is displayed in every URL.

There are no restrictions or limitations: file extensions like ".php" don't need to be displayed, record numbers don't need to be displayed, you can enter whatever you want and create a unique permanent link.

Once the plugin is setup, you simply type whatever you want in the Permalink field and you're done. Or if you leave the field blank the plugin will automatically "do the right thing", generating a permalink for you based on the content in the title or name fields (or any other fields you configure), applying multiple SEO-targeted rules, and creating a keyword-rich, SEO-optimized permalink.

After installing the plugin, all you need to do to set it up is add a field called "permalink" to any section to want to control. The plugin does all the work applying multiple SEO url rules such as turning spaces and non-word characters into dashes, removing non-essential words that are ignored by search engines (a, as, an, the, etc), checking for duplicates, and generating a unique name. You can even optionally setup permalink prefixes for each section, so all news permalinks start with /news- or add-ons start with /add-ons/ (like we have done).

Built in safety control prevents duplicates (a unique suffix is added to records with duplicate names), and existing filenames and directory always take priority, so a user can never create a permalink that will prevent a "real" file from displaying. Even if a permalink is renamed, the plugin automatically stores the old name and forwards web visitors from the old permalink to the new with a HTTP 301 Redirect (moved permanently) ensuring all your links are counted as one URL by the search engines. This means that if you later improve your keywords and revise your permalinks, you'll never have broken URLs or 404s. Try clicking the above links, they're both examples of how old Permalinks for this page now forward to the most recent Permalink:

Whether you want to improve your search engine rankings, utilize shorter more memorable urls for business cards or marketing martial or just give your users more control over their site, Permalinks makes it easy. Give it a try today or contact us with any questions.

Server Requirements: .htaccess files and mod_rewrite (ask your host [or us] if you're not sure, almost every server has these).

Key Features

  • Users can optionally enter custom permalinks
  • Automatically have permalinks generated from field content
  • Developers can setup optional Permalink "prefixes" for each section
  • Permalinks never break, always redirect to the latest one if renamed
  • Completely customizable "Not Found" 404 page
  • Automatic SEO rule-filtering including removal of SEO-unfriendly words (a, as, an, the, etc)

Customer Quotes

The CMSB site that my designer built is amazing already but this SEO Permalinks plugin will take it to the next level. Excellent!
James Myonpure