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I have just noticerd that on one of my installs where I have been using QRC 1.02 for quite some time, the codes have all ceased to appear and are regularly replaced by broken image icons.

Nothing on this site has changed (other than some unrelated content) in months.

I deactivated the plugin and reactivated, but I continue to get blanks all over the site.

Does anyone have any idea about this? If this isn't going to work any longer I will need to strip its use from all over the site.


Hi pgplast, 

I looked into this and it seems like Google has disabled the Google Charts API we were using to generate those and they no longer offer that service.

We'll probably build a new custom solution next time we have a project that requires it and make it available.  

Sorry about that.  

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Thanks Dave.

After poking around for a while I found a new endpoint that seems to work.

I made a change to the plugin

I changed...

$chartURL = "http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?";

$chartURL .= http_build_query(array(
'cht' => 'qr',
'chs' => $height . 'x' . $width,
'chl' => $data,
'chld' => '|' . $options['margin'],


$chartURL = "https://qrcode.tec-it.com/API/QRCode?data=".$data;

This seems to have my QRCs appearing again.

Thank you! I was unable to figure out what changed suddenly and you nailed it.  I invoked your modified line of code and it fixed mine as well.  Do you think the new source is a long-term or a temp fix?

Thanks again.

Glad it was a help. I am not at all sure if this is to be a long-supported endpoint or not,. but I guess we will see!