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Quickstart Guide

Welcome to CMS Builder! Follow these instructions and in minutes you'll be running your site with your own customized content management system.

(You can also take a look at our video tour of CMS Builder which gives a great summary on how to get started quickly!)

  1. Install CMS Builder.
    Follow the step-by-step instructions, or order an installation from us and one of our Product Specialists can do it for you!
    More about Installation (Updated: Oct 2015)
  2. Private Label
    Private Label the software as your own.
    Private Labeling
  3. Create a new Section Editor.
    Login to CMS Builder, then go to "Section Editors". At the bottom is the "Add a new menu..." pulldown. Select a style that matches (or the one that's closest to) what you'd like, then click "Go". You now have a new section in the program navigation (the blue nav bar at the top)!
    More about Section Editors
  4. Add some content
    Click the link for your new Section in the program. If it's a "multi-page" menu, click the "create" button and add some content, then click "save". (For single-page menus, just add the content and save.)
  5. Create "Viewers" for your new content
    Go to "Admin > Menu Editor" in the program and click "modify" for your new menu. Click the "Show PHP Viewer Code" button, then follow the instructions on the page for creating your viewers. (For a multi-page section, create both a List Viewer and a Page Viwer; for single page, just one Page Viewer.)
    More about Viewers
  6. That's it! You're done!
    Take a look through the rest of the documentation, and if you need any assistance, post in the forum!
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