Mobile App Development, Custom shopping carts, Outgoing SMS addon updated, CMS Builder 3.08 released

1. CMS Builder 3.08 Released
3. Sell Mobile App Development to your Clients (starting at $999)
4. Custom Shopping Carts
5. Outgoing SMS 1.04 released - now supports Amazon and Twilio
6. Facebook Login v1.05 released - fixes recent Facebook API changes
7. News from the Forum
8. Developer Resources & Useful Links

1. CMS Builder 3.08 Released

CMS Builder v3.08 (Build 2120) was released which has a number of minor bug fixes, tweaks, and new features:

  • JPEGs are now saved as progressive, so they display as they load.
  • Clear Log link added to the Outgoing Email Log.
  • Version 5.6 of PHP required, along with version 5.5+ of MySQL.
  • The following PHP extensions are now required: mysqli, openssl and curl.
  • Several bug fixes.

To see the full list of changes, please visit the CMS Builder changelog:

CMS Builder users can upgrade by donation at this page:

2. Sell Mobile App Development to your Clients (starting at $999)

You can now sell mobile apps using the same skills you use to build websites. Either turn an existing responsive website into a mobile app, or build a custom responsive website for it. We build the app and help you submit it to the appstore for as little as $999. Including push notifications (send to all app users, or just members), integrations with website membership, geo-targeted push (send to app users within 10 miles of your business), and much more.

Contact us at to discuss your mobile app project.

3. Custom Shopping Carts

A lot of people don't know, but we actually build custom shopping carts. If you want to add a cart to your client's site, or if you've been running into the limits of pre-made shopping cart solutions our team can help you build something tailored to your specific needs.

Contact us at to get started.

4. Outgoing SMS 1.04 released - now supports Amazon and Twilio

We've just released a new version of the Outgoing SMS Plugin:

NOTE: This version requires CMSB 3.00 (Released January 8th, 2016)

Here's what's new in 1.04:

  • Added support for Amazon AWS SMS SMS gateway.
  • Added support for Twilio SMS gateway.
  • Updated the plugin to use the CMS CRON system instead of run.php

Both Twilio and Amazon offer well known and widely used SMS gateways. They offer services for most countries in the world. Twilio allows you to buy a local phone number for as little as $1 a month and SMS messages cost $0.0075. You can read more on Twilio's pricing here:

Amazons SMS pricing varies depending on the country your SMS messages will be sent from, in the US SMS messages cost 0.006 cents per message. You can read more on amazon's pricing here:

You can read more about the Outgoing SMS add on and order here:

5. Facebook Login v1.05 released - fixes recent Facebook API changes

We've just released a new version of Facebook Login. You can download it here:

This version is just a maintenance release to fix the "No access_token" error that was caused by a recent API update that Facebook made. If you are getting this error then download this update and it will fix it.

6. News from the Forum
News from the Forum

Use _permalinks to generate your sitemap
Posted in the forum by mizrahi. If you're using the permalinks plugin, you can use this table to very quickly generate the list of URLs for a sitemap file. The only catch is that you need to filter out any of those that are marked as "OLD".

Add tinymce image spacing
Steps to add an "advanced" tab to the image button popup window in CMS Builder 3.07.

Disable auto-fixes for logins
Greg provide code to disable auto correct and auto capitalization on the login page username field.

7. Developers Resources & Useful Links
Developers Resources & Useful Links

Super-useful Chrome Extensions for Web Designers
A great list of Chrome extensions that will help web developers.

50 Most Popular jQuery plugins
This site is a useful tool to check domain and social username availability across multiple networks.