Apache flaw gives root access on shared hosts

1. Apache flaw gives root access on shared hosts
2. PHP 7 upgrades now required and how to bill for them
3. CMS Builder 3.51 released (PHP 7.1+ required)
4. Plugin updates: Permalinks (and 4 more)
5. News from the Forum
1. Apache flaw gives root access on shared hosts

On April 1st, 2019 it was discovered that over 2 million Apache HTTP Servers were vulnerable to a security exploit known as CVE-2019-0211.

We have created a free script that can be uploaded to your web server and used to easily determine if your Apache HTTP Server is currently running an unpatched version.

Read more and download here:

2. PHP 7 upgrades now required and how to bill for them

A reminder that as of January 1, 2019, PHP 5 has been discontinued and will no longer be receiving security updates. We recommend that sites upgrade to the latest version of CMS Builder (3.51) and the PHP 7+.

Dave has written a sample email for how to charge your clients for PHP 7 updates here:

Read about steps for upgrading:

Let us know if we can assist with upgrades. Send us an email to:

3. CMS Builder 3.51 released (PHP 7.1+ required)

We have recently released CMS Builder v3.51!

As mentioned in the release of v3.50, this and future releases of CMSB will now require PHP 7.1+. Please make sure your PHP version is up-to-date before upgrading!

In addition, we've made a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes, including some library updates (FontAwesome 5, HTML Purifier 4.10.0), improving compatibility with various MySQL versions, and improving memory usage during the backup process. See the full changelog here:

Read more about the latest version of CMS Builder:

Download CMS Builder here (for free):

Purchase Private Label CMS Builder license for $99 ($100 off the regular price):

And upgrades by donation:

Need help upgrading?
We can complete an upgrade for you. Send us an email and we can discuss what is needed:

4. Plugin updates: Permalinks (and 4 more)

Permalinks 1.09 NOTE: This version requires CMSB v3.51 This new release has a number of improvements, updated redirect behaviour, simplified generated .htaccess code, and the ability for Update Tables to repopulate the Permalinks DB from existing permalink fields.

You can read more about the Permalinks plugin here:

Other plugins updated:

Spambot Email Protector 2.03
- Fixed output buffering issue.

CSV Import 1.13
- Improved field name validation when importing a new CSV column into a table.

Create Record Here 1.03
- Added fix to stop 'create record here' link appearing when Add Record functionality for the section is disabled.

Show/Hide Dependent Fields Plus 0.96
- Fixed show/hide issues when section edit page has a collapsible separator

Check out all the plugins available for CMS Builder:

Have specific features in mind? Let us know and we can suggest a plugin for you or even write a plugin to match your requirements. Email us at consulting@interactivetools.com

4. News from the Forum
News from the Forum

Alert Record Saved 2nd email
Djulia provides the code to add a second (CC) email for the Alert Saved plugin.

Get the Alert Record Saved plugin here:

Disallowing Simple Password Using Website Membership plugin
Daniel explains how to use the getNewPasswordErrors function to add error checking including the CMS Builder built-in password blacklist.

Options For Double Lines in Rich Text Editor
Choose between new lines on enter or the inserting paragraphs within the WYSIWYG editor.