CMS Builder 4 pack sale, CMS Builder 3.09 released

1. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until May. 31st)
2. CMS Builder 3.08 Released
3. News from the Forum
4. Developer Resources & Useful Links

1. CMS Builder 4 pack sale (until May. 31st)

CMS Builder 4-pack for $399.88 sale is on right now! Save 50% on any 4-pack purchase of CMS Builder for one week only. Don't miss out - buy now and Save on purchases of 4 (each license for only $99.97!).

Take advantage of a total savings of $400 off the regular CMS Builder price. Place an order or if you have any questions, give us a call (toll free 1-800-752-0455), send us an email, or post in the forum. We're always here to help you out!

2. CMS Builder 3.09 released

CMS Builder v3.09. Here's what's new:

PHP 7 Support - PHP 7 dropped support for the old mysql php extension so we've migrated everything to use the new improved mysqli extension. Supports PHP 7 but only requires PHP 5.6+

For sites with older custom code that uses the mysql extension, there's a new option under: Admin > General > Advanced > Enable MySQL Legacy Support.

New Features:

  • Added support for PHP 7 (switched from mysql to mysqli libraries)
  • MySQL Legacy Support: Can be enabled with checkbox under: Admin > General > Advanced
  • MySQL Legacy Support: (automatically enabled when upgrading from earlier versions)
  • WYSIWYG: Updated TinyMCE from v4.4.3 to v4.6.0 (Released 2017-05-04)
  • Backup & Restore: Backup files can now be downloaded directly from the admin menu.
  • Section Editors: Added more menu icons.

To see the full list of changes, please visit the CMS Builder changelog:

CMS Builder users can upgrade by donation at this page:

Need a new CMS Builder license? Order a new CMS Builder license here.

Need help upgrading?

We can complete and upgrade for you. Send us an email and we can discuss what is needed:

6. News from the Forum
News from the Forum

Show open hours on site
mizrahi shows the steps and code to display the open hours and if the store is closed for the day.

Auto logoff with redirect
Dave provides the code to have a user auto logoff and redirect to a specific page.

How do I echo the first 150 characters of a WYSIWYG?
Zicky provides the code and an example for getting and displaying the first 150 characters without any html tags.

7. Developers Resources & Useful Links
Developers Resources & Useful Links

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