CMS Builder 3.14 - new HTML5 Uploader and Dave's Skyscraper Jump Fundraiser

1. CMS Builder 3.14 - new HTML5 uploader
2. Add Ons updated: Simple Forum, Create PDF, Save & Copy
3. Dave's Skyscraper Jump Fundraiser
4. Welcome to Daniel
5. News from the Forum
6. Developer Resources & Useful Links

1. CMS Builder 3.14 - new HTML5 uploader
CMS Builder 3.14 - new HTML5 uploader

CMS Builder 3.14 has been released (version requires: PHP 5.6+ and MySQL 5.5+).

Some of the new features:

  • File Uploader: We've implemented a new HTML5 uploader for easier multi-file uploading. This replaces the old defunct Flash uploader that was no longer working in modern browsers.
  • Security: In this release, we've made several notable security updates.
    • Added a new option for using SSL with MySQL. This can be used to secure MySQL connections when working with a remote database. Note that the database server must be configured to accept SSL connections.
    • Added a new option for automatic data encryption, allowing selected field data to be encrypted in the database with the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.
    • The CMSB data folder can now be stored outside of the web root to further secure sensitive data, such as backups and schema information.
  • Backup & Restore: Restore operations are now performed incrementally and will reload the browser to avoid timeouts with large backups.

To see the full list of changes, please visit the CMS Builder changelog:

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2. Add Ons updated: Simple Forum, Create PDF, Save & Copy
Add Ons updated: Simple Forum, Create PDF, Save & Copy

Most recently updated Add Ons

Simple Forum 1.04 Released:
A simple to set up and manage online forum.

New Features:

  • "Mark all as read" link in forums. This allows users to quickly mark every thread in a forum as being read.
  • Added custom CSS file to allow additional styling inside the TinyMCE editor. We have included a few default styles for things like blockquotes and code blocks to better match the default front-end form CSS.

You can read more about the Simple Forum here:

Create PDF 1.09 Add-On Released:
Build PDF's on the fly. With the easy-to-use developer functions, you can automate PDF generation from web pages, html code and even remote URLs.

New: Plugin no longer ships with specific wkhtmltopdf binaries, and will now attempt to automatically download the appropriate file based on server configuration.

You can read more about the Create PDF  here:

Save & Copy Button 1.09 Add-On Released:
Add "Save & Copy" button to edit pages that copies a record and its uploads.

New: Updated to work with new HTML5 file uploader for CMSB v3.14+

You can read more about the Save & Copy  here:


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3. Dave's Skyscraper Jump Fundraiser

Hello friends!

In two weeks I'm jumping off a Vancouver skyscraper... to raise money for children with disabilities, and I need your help!

I've never rock climbed or rappeled before, and I don't really like heights, so this is pretty scary, and it's going to be uncomfortable, but I'm willing to take action in the face of that, if there's a chance it will inspire you to take action as well!

We all know how good we have it, and how hard it can be for others. It's so easy to do nothing, but it's also easy to do something, and that's what I'm asking you to do. Please click the link below and make a donation. My goal is to raise $2,000 in the next two weeks.

This is all through Easter Seals, a trusted charity since 1952, that is helping local children with disabilities.

Thank you for joining me in this. Let's make a difference together!

4. Welcome to Daniel

Ever since building his first Geocities Pokémon fansite using his middle school's dial-up internet connection, Daniel's keen interest in creating websites has naturally progressed into a long and rewarding career as a web developer. Daniel is also an aspiring musician, weekly Twitch streamer, novice DM, and enthusiastic rock-climber.

Welcome to the team Daniel!

5. News from the Forum
News from the Forum

sorting records by createdBy field
Dave helps with a plugin to create a custom createBy_ field for sorting and searching

TinyMCE Responsive Table Width
Steps for setting the table width in the rich text editor to a percent value.

6. Developers Resources & Useful Links
Developers Resources & Useful Links

Make quick and easy videos right from your browser. Thanks to Tim for sharing this one.

Colorize old black & white photos
Use Deep Learning to Automatically Colorize Black and White Photos.